Waranties and maintenance


We offer a one year warranty for manufacturer defects from the date of the invoice. However,damage cause by the customer, consumer or freight company is not cover. If necessary please contact us and will be happy to help you find the best solution for all. Thank you for your cooperation.

When returning merchandise

Please note that an authorization is required for all repairs an returns. All merchandise returned without an authorization number will be refused.

Items on request :
Please note before ordering: Final sale: No return possible for difference in color, length or thickness.


  • No glass cleanersNever use glass cleaners on finished furniture, ammonia will chemically attack the lacquer.
  • No liquidsNever allow liquids of any kind to remain in decorative route lines. Absorption causes wood to warp and finishes to delaminate.
  • No commercial waxesPrevent yellowing do not use commercial waxes and polishes. In fact, you will keep the natural beauty of the wood if you do not use any chemical products.
  • No writingPrevent marking, do not write directly on surface.
  • No direct sunlightPrevent fading do not place in direct sunlight.
  • No plastic plate matPrevent discoloring do not use rubber-based placemats,you should use colths.
  • No hot objectsPrevent damages to finish do not place hot kettles pots, hot dishes, hot coffee cup etc. directly on surface.
  • Right humidity conditionsPrevent splitting maintain even humidity conditions in your home.

Advises how to clean your furniture

LaverSimply use a soft cloth moistened in lukewarm soap & water then buff with a dry clean cloth.

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